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About Juan Jesus Guerrero Chapa

The terms rancher, art lover, and family man all describe Juan Jesus Guerrero Chapa. Most of Guerrero Chapa’s time is spent at his León, Guanajuato, Mexico, ranch with his family, where he raises the strongest, highest-class Charolais bulls, along with chickens, roosters, pigs, and horses. Proud of his bulls, Juan Jesus Guerrero Chapa works with Elite Charolaise, a group of cattle breeders that promotes this type of cattle and sells top-quality embryos, semen, heifers, and bulls to other Charolais breeders. Elite Charolaise also organizes tours of its French farms and helps clients make their selections, as well as handling authorizations and inspections for export and all of the paperwork for breeders. As an art lover, Juan Jesus Guerrero Chapa frequents the gallery of Jesus Guerrero Santos on Avenida Vallarta in the city of Guadalajara. There, the artist designs beautiful religious and cultural artifacts that represent the history and traditions of his land. Guerrero Santos employs 40 artisanal craftsmen to turn his designs into brightly colored mirrors, angels, virgins, candelabras, and emblems, mixing ceramics and metal to produce lovely, intricate pieces of art. Juan Jesus Guerrero Chapa explains that to accomplish this type of design, Guerrero Santos first hammers a copper, silver, and brass alloy to fit a ceramic form and then engraves it with complicated designs using an awl. Next, he solders metal filigree around the ceramic body for a final touch. Guerrero Chapa deeply believes that the crafting of this type of art keeps Mexican history alive. Aside from his love of farming and art, Juan Jesus Guerrero Chapa enjoys both playing and watching soccer. An avid fan of Club León, Guerrero Chapa notes that his hometown club has won the Primera División title five times. He also enjoys baseball, as well as cars, and he hopes to own a garage one day. Juan Jesus Guerrero Chapa stays up to date on the news, and he particularly likes to read about politics. Often, he donates his time and resources to various churches in León and Mexico. In addition, he donates generously to Mexico’s annual Teletón, a radio and television drive dedicated to raising money which goes to rehabilitation centers for children with disabilities.


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